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Marin County

About Marin County

Happening in Marin

The county of Marin lies just north of San Francisco and is varied in terrain and population.

Every week Marin is home to different events� from movies to the County Fair.

Arts & Humanities


The Arts are flourishing in Marin including the ballet, symphony, theater and artists of all sorts.

Marin residents can visit the public and private libraries scattered throughout the county.

Businesses & Professions

News & Media

Businesses & Professions of all varieties call Marin their home.

Marin has its share of �hot issues� and there are local media that cover them.

Governments & Communities

Recreation & Sports

The County; eleven cities and towns; supporting public agencies; neighborhoods; and communities of interest support the public interests in Marin

Marin is a county that provides many natural recreation venues from its waterways to mountain trails.

Community Partnerships of Marin


In Marin people and philanthropic organizations work together to serve the Community.

People move around Marin in many ways � by boat, by car and by bike.


Travel & Tourism

Educational opportunities abound in Marin for people of all ages and interests.

With its natural beauty and historic sites, Marin is a great tourist destination.


City & Town Offices of Marin County

Local Government


State Government

Federal Government


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